DIY - Tutus!

THE must-have dress-up and daydream fashion item for toddler to tween, tutus have been popping up like tulips at boutiques and online. Here's the way I made Millie's Easter tutu:

Sew a length of satin ribbon to each end of non-roll elastic cut to the size of your child's waist (that way it'll fit perfectly now but can stretch to grow with your child!)

Tie Tie Tie! I used about 1 yard by 6 inches of Tulle doubled over and tied onto the elastic.

Then keep tying! Bunch your tulle up so you create "poofiness" (is that even a real word?). Here I have two lengths of tulle - space - repeat...

Then I hand-stitched random petals onto some of the pieces...

And finished by tying green tulle lengths 2 at a time onto the empty spaces (total of 44 tulle lenghts; 22 yellow and 22 lime green for an almost-2-year-old size)... Millie loves it!

I just had to make a pink and purple one for Millie's best friend, too. It was a great General Conference craft!

I finished the ends of the Satin ribbon by cutting them in a "V" then sealing with Fray Check (best invention EVER).

If you want to BUY A GORGEOUS, HAND SEWN OR TIED, WELL-MADE AND REASONABLY PRICED TUTU, visit my friend Stephanie at Princess Me!

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