DIY - Glass Magnets

I believe that talents should be shared and beauty spread. I have links to Nursing Cover and Ring Sling tutorials and other cool things (look under "DIY" on the sidebar) on this here blog, and I'm going to start sharing some DIY tips and tricks. However, you CAN still buy things from my Etsy shop; at very reasonable prices!

Because I'm supposed to be at a Young Women's Presidency meeting in 7 minutes, I'm cheating this time and sending you to the following website, with a great Glass Magnets tutorial written by my friend Brandee of Crafters Wanted! I sort of taught her how to make these (at least I told her where to buy the supplies), so I don't feel bad sharing... also, it's pretty self-explanatory, but here's a GREAT step-by-step!
The photo was also taken by Brandee. If you want to JOIN HER on April 17th to make your own magnets for just $4, with all the supplies provided, please visit her site where you can find more info! Enjoy!

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