Ring Sling Wearing Instructions and Nursing Infomation:

Use with caution. Wear with love.

Baby wearing in a ring sling promotes: bonding, reduced crying, healthy unlimited positioning, free arms for caregiver, walking, discreet nursing and a sun shade or warm wrap using the generous tail.

All "milk made baby" Ring Slings are triply reinforced with a wide shoulder for comfort and safety. Slings may be worn on either shoulder. Rings are 3" rings from SlingRings.com and are tested for strength and durability. Babies and toddlers LOVE to be "worn," but caregivers must use wisdom when wearing them. Please:

*Check for wear and tear prior to using your sling.
*Slings are meant for infants 6 pounds to 25 pounds in cradle or front carry and up to 35 pounds or 3 years in hip carry.
*Adjust sling prior to putting child in. Rethread if necessary. After child is in and an adjustment needs to be made, support the child with your free hand and pull the tail of the sling.
*Use wisdom. Don't cook or go near open flames while wearing your child. Bend at the knee to prevent falls. Watch wall corners, trees, and other obstacles to make certain no part of your child will be injured.
*Slings are not to be used in place of a car seat.
*Take time getting to know your sling and the way it feels best for you to carry your child. There is a learning curve, but it's worth it!

More baby wearing information can be found on TheBabywearer.com.
There are LOTS of instructional videos on YouTube . Simply search for "Ring Sling wearing instructions"

Nursing is the very best way to feed your baby. Breastfeeding promotes healthy growth and connection between mom and baby. "milk made baby" Nursing Covers provide a view of your baby while blocking out distractions and providing privacy. Please prevent suffocation and strangulation. Your Nursing Cover is made to last, but due to the delicate boning in the neckline, it is recommended that you launder it as you would a bra. Air drying is recommended.

More nursing information can be found at La Leche League.

Use with caution. Wear with love. milk made baby LLC is not responsible for any problems or injuries arising due to misuse of products.

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