What Can You Do with a Hostess Apron (sung to the tune of "What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?")?

One comment on my giveaway made the very valid point that "I never understood the aprons that don't cover the top half cuz that's where the bacon splaaaaters (thanks, Supersonicjan)". SO what is the point of a Hostess Apron anyway?

I designed the giveaway apron to hold change for a boutique I sold at. That way I wouldn't have bulging jeans pockets full of $1 bills or have to fish around in my purse. This is the beauty of pockets! I made 2 aprons, I'm giving one away and one is for sale for only $15 in my Etsy shop OR my Artfire shop so if you don't win, don't fret!

Use it for a gardening apron! The pockets are PERFECT for seed packets, tools and gloves.

Wear it when you greet your guests at the next party you hostess so you appear a domestic diva!

Only 14 more entries until I close the contest! Tell your friends and thanks to all who've entered so far and good luck!


auntrene said...

Hi, Thanks for following my blog, I am hosting a giveaway. Feel free to stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win. It is a Glade Sense and Spray and a Walmart gift card. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Lol@ the bacon grease comment. I think I'd use it to hold clothespins.