Save handmade from the CPSIA!

Hi! Legislation was passed about the same time I started "milk made baby" (of course I'm only discovering this now though my business research was extensive) which will come into effect on February 10. It is called the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act and it will require third party testing for lead of all items produced for children under the age of 12. All items, whether made from plastic, paint or simple cotton fabric will be required to undergo batch testing and label items as certified. This will cost a minimum of $50 per item and I can't see charging $90 for a sling or $75 for a nursing cover! Created with mass marketers in mind, the act affects those (like me) who create individual handmade items as well, because of the prohibitive cost. Help support actions to amend this ridiculous act. Read more here:


You can also vote there on this or other issues to be presented to President-Elect Obama for his goal of change in America.

There is also information about the act on Etsy's website: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5950540 and on other threads as well.

Still want more information?

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