Still Standin'

Thanks to 2 wonderful women who purchased items from my Etsy Shop last week (Jennifer of Chicago and Susan of New York state), I am still in business and was inspired to renew my Business License for the year 2009 despite the CPSIA legislation taking effect in just a couple of weeks. My friend Beth also had the idea that perhaps I could continue to sell my items as "women's apparell." This is not a bad idea at all; the legislation reads that items that must be tested are those that are meant for "primary use by children under 12 years of age," and they are not the ones who use the slings or covers. I will probably have to take down the toy bags, which is too bad as that's what Susan bought from me. Jennifer bought some sassy flip-flops and I am excited to be able to continue selling those. I have a limited number, so if you want some let me know!

Thanks too to Diane, Sharleen and Jessica, who have all purchased from me locally! I love my customers!

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